Impulse and Momentum

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Impulse and Momentum - Basic Concepts
Impulse and Momentum - Basic Concepts [42 mins]
In this 42 mins Video Lesson : Concept of Impulse, Impulse Momentum Principle, Principle of conservation of momentum, Impulsive Force, Ex: Batsman hits a ball, Ex: Using Impulse-Momentum to find distance, Ex: Man jumping off the cart, Basic Concepts in Analysis of Impacts, and other topics.

Impacts [43 mins]
In this 43 mins Video Lesson : Analysis of Direct Central Impact, Coefficient of Restitution, Perfectly Plastic Impact, Perfectly Elastic Impact, Analysis of Oblique Central Impact, Ex: Calculating Final Velocities, and other topics.

Impacts and Work-Energy Principle
Impacts and Work-Energy Principle [59 mins]
In this 59 mins Video Lesson : Ex: Bullet Hitting a Block, Ex: Pendulums, Ex: Block dropped on to platform supported by spring, and other topics.

Revision Notes

Impulse, Momentum, Direct central Impact and Coefficient of restitution. Conservation of Momentum and Impulse Momentum Principle of a Particle

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